We certainly don't discriminate when it comes to scrutinizing elected officials ... regardless of the party.

It's clear that he has set a higher standard than has been possible for him to reasonably meet. It's clear that he needs to work harder to fulfill those promises.

I think that a [one-year] moratorium could be put in place in both directions. It essentially allows those relationships to cool off a bit.

It is absolutely imperative that ... a new committee member be found who can spend their time focused on intelligence and the defense of our country.

Our concern is that decisions made that affect the safety of our troops are based on intelligence and not personal benefits.

If it had been flagged at over $1 million or over $5 million, it certainly would have raised a lot more eyebrows than the (governor's) original filing.

When (the Political Reform Act) was originally written, a lot more people didn't necessarily consider politics as a full-time position.