"Kate Miller" is an American stage, film, television and voice-over actress. She is the voice of Debbie DuPree in the cartoon parody, Sealab 2021, one of the first shows on Adult Swim. She is also the voice of List of characters in Frisky Dingo#Grace Ryan/Grace Ryan in the Adult Swim show, Frisky Dingo, both on Cartoon Network. She has also appeared on Law & Order as the recurring Attorney Madeline Myers, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Ugly Betty, The Young & the Restless as the recurring Carla Vente, One Life to Live as the recurring Nadine Lovett, Third Watch as the recurring M.E. Martocci, Sex & the City, All My Children, Guiding Light, As the World Turns and numerous commercials, including Pepsi, AFLAC and Olive Garden. She has also appeared on Broadway in Moon Over Buffalo with Carol Burnett and Amadeus with Michael Sheen. Movies include Entropy (film)/Entropy and Chump Change (film)/Chump Change, as well as the documentaries I Know That Voice & Moon Over Broadway. She has recently voiced the video games Guild Wars 2, Red Faction Guerilla, Final Fantasy & World of Warcraft.

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Someone once asked me whether I am an idealist or a dreamer. I'm neither. I consider myself an optimistic realist. I see reality, but I give it the benefit of the doubt.

People ask me all the time, 'What are you, a Democrat or a Republican? A Catholic or a Muslim...' What am I? I am none of these. I belong to nothing but the human race. Why isn't that ever enough?

Their goalkeeper is phenomenal. I really hope she does something with soccer because you can see her potential.

Language is clumsy, understanding is subjective, religion is obstructive. We must rise above these obstacles to achieve complete being.

I just didn't want (May) driving by me. The coaches said to take away her right hand, and I just did the best that I could.

I don't know if I believe in God just as much as I don't know if gravity exists. All I know is that I feel it and I couldn't explain the world without it.

Will we ever return to a time before dreams were slogans?

In the beginning there was (some nervousness) because of the fact that you're playing in a final, but once we started off well, everything went away and it was a normal game.

I've never felt anything like this before.