It's a little different here. George Bush trails by a slim margin in the polls to John McCain; Bill Bradley is the leader over Al Gore. And it's interesting to see both George Bush and Al Gore paint themselves as the underdog...whereas, in the rest of the nation, that's not the case.

I never see it as wasted time.

We had to write character sketches. I was so intimidated.

I always hide under the characters. Maybe I went to that place, but I wasn't that character.

The issue of asking for supermarkets to provide information at the store level is something companies are either engaged in doing or in the process of doing. Certainly, we would support that. We also would not be opposed to increased testing by FDA.

They made me feel good. But the satisfaction was very short-lived.

It's been my sanity, ... It's so much fun.

It's a great hobby, ... You get addicted to it and want to do more.