Justin Taylor
FameRank: 10

"Former:" Student Busboy at the Liberty Diner Go-go dancer (Babylon)

/ title =

/ nickname = Sunshine (by Debbie Novotny/Debbie and Brian Kinney/Brian) Boy Wonder (by Michael Novotny/Michael)

/ family = Craig Taylor (father; estranged) Jennifer Taylor (Queer As Folk)/Jennifer Taylor (mother) Molly Taylor (younger sister)

/ spouse = Brian Kinney (life partner)

/ significantother = Ethan Gold (ex-boyfriend)

/ children =

/ relatives =

/ lbl1 = Queer as Folk (UK TV series)/UK counterpart

/ data1 = Nathan Maloney (Charlie Hunnam)


"Justin Taylor" is a fictional character from the United States/American/Canada/Canadian Showtime (TV network)/Showtime television series Queer as Folk (US TV series)/Queer as Folk, a drama about the lives of a group of homosexuality/gay men and women living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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We still have to play them down the road in districts again. It feels good. But we have to play them again when it really counts.

This race should give us some confidence, ... We know we can run with them (Mountain View). When we are at full-strength, we'll be right in the mix.

It's always nice when you can sleep in your own bed.

I think development has been stifled for 40 years because of a lack of parking.

I thought we competed awesome. Without our top guy (Nic Cotton), I thought we did just fine.

It's nice to see our pack time, that's our strength right now. We're hoping to get a trophy at state, if we can stay motivated, we've got a shot at it.

He doesn't know how lucky he is to have a son.

I'm hoping for 12-14 kids.

Over the course of time, with real estate taxes that will come in, wage taxes, emergency services taxes and just the fact that people have better quality of life, it'll pay for itself tenfold.