With our conference up for grabs, a win like this is just what we needed.

In the beginning of year we wouldn't have been able to do that (cash in). Now we're starting to believe in ourselves and believe in each other so we're able to do that.

Any team in the market for a pitching coach would definitely benefit from taking a look at him. I think part of it is that he and Mike complement each other so well. In some ways they have a little different approach in the way they approach and talk to you.

I would pay money to come in here and watch him close games. It's awesome. The music cranks on. It's so much fun. Even when you play for a living, it's a blast. It's electric. The players love it. It makes it so much fun for us. It's awesome.

I put it up on a tee. I needed to make a better pitch when it mattered.

Overall, I thought it was a really well played game. For our first game, there were a lot of positives. We were getting on a pretty good pitcher and we had chances to score runs.

We had to walk from a mile away, but other than that, it's fine.