I think we just got by on talent. If we were playing a WAC team right now, we might have lost this game.

In my first three years here, that's the first time we've actually played zone for longer than a possession. I don't think they were really prepared for that.

We still have some guys out, so we have to prepare for this team like they're Michigan State. We can't let that 0-8 record fool us.

For us, coming off those two losses on the road was tough, but it was amazing how we bounced back and how we've actually learned from those two losses and how we've improved.

Even though we came out with a win, we're still down on ourselves. It's disappointing to come out and play like this.

This is huge for us. I've never experienced anything like it. It's what we all dream of in high school, playing in this kind of atmosphere.

Down the stretch, that's what loses games for us, free throws and big rebounds. In practice we've been working on it, everybody's been coming in before and staying extra to work on what they need to work on.

You look around the locker room, there's eight or nine guys in there. It's just empty. The atmosphere is kind of hard to get up for a game.

This game is for the fans, so you try to go out there and do some stuff you probably wouldn't do in games.