"Josh Soares" is a Canada/Canadian professional ice hockey player who is currently playing for the Stavanger Oilers of the Norwegian GET-ligaen/GET-league.

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We came out flying and we kept on them all game. They're a real quick team, so we had to get on them, not give them any space, and clog up the neutral zone. We got the puck deep and hit their defensemen.

It's a great accomplishment. We started off great this year, had some trouble, and there were lot of questions around about us. But we knew within the dressing room that we had the team, had the talent, just had to put it together.

Puck movement is a huge thing, especially on the power play.

I chipped it up into his pad and got pushed into the net.

I cut to the middle as quickly as I could and got off a shot.

It's a real tough feeling to keep your fate in other teams' hands. But hopefully it is a blessing in disguise. We really want to get in that tournament. We know we can do some damage if we get in there. Right now we're just waiting and hoping.

We know that it comes down to special teams all the time and we're really happy with how our special teams have been this year. We've always had a great penalty kill and this year we were able to bring our power play up.

We just have do what we have been doing all year: play our style of hockey which is good team defense turning into offense. As long as our forwards come back and help out then we are going to be alright. We just have to protect Bishop and let him see the puck.

I'm very fortunate to be playing with those guys. They're great players.