Josh Duhamel
FameRank: 6

"Joshua David" ""Josh"" "Duhamel" is an American actor and former fashion model. His first acting role was as Leo du Pres on ABC's All My Children and later as chief of security Danny McCoy#Cast and characters/Danny McCoy on NBC's Las Vegas (TV series)/Las Vegas. He then began appearing in films, playing one of the main protagonists in the first three films of the Transformers (film series)/Transformers film series. He has also starred in romance films including When in Rome (2010 film)/When in Rome, Life_as_We_Know_It_(film)/Life as We Know It, New Year's Eve (2011 film)/New Year's Eve, and Safe Haven (film)/Safe Haven.

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I can't wait for the race and experience first-hand why the sport has 75 million fans.

Everything's done for me now. Everything's completely changed.

It feels like a new show almost — it is different — but the vibe on the set is great.

You know, not only that, but North Dakota a lot of times we don't get a voice when these other states do, and I feel like it's a good opportunity to sort of extend help on behalf of the people of North Dakota.

The Picture of Dorian Gray.