I've never seen anything like that before -- four fights in eight second. I wasn't sure if there was going to be 20 straight fights in the first minute. If there was, we would've showed up. I just think both teams were intense and ready to play.

It's a big ice and they're a free-wheeling team. They played well but we're never going to give up. We had good things happen for us last year and we're doing it again. It doesn't matter how much time is left on the clock. We buzzed around late in the third period and we know we have what it takes to score at any time. It's just a matter of baring down and doing it.

We have a lot of momentum right now and we have a lot of confidence. We've been winning with guys missing from the lineup.

Since I came back from Christmas, the puck's been going in for me. I just wanted to come back and have a good second half to the season. I'm getting the chances. I've always played the penalty kill and short-handed opportunities really come down to just hard work and skating. You're down a man so you have to work harder.

That stuff takes care of itself. If you go deep in the playoffs two years in a row, they can't help but follow you and watch you play. If you keep winning, the points will come.

Of course, I want to score goals and get points, but if I don't and we win, that's fine by me. Our big guys were scoring goals so it didn't matter that much. But four games is a long time (without a point).