"Jonathan "Jon" Lewis" is a former English cricketer who is currently bowling coach at Sussex County Cricket Club. He was brought up in Swindon where he went to Churchfields School and Swindon College. He played for Swindon CC and, in Minor Counties cricket, for Wiltshire County Cricket Club in 1993. He joined Northamptonshire County Cricket Club/Northamptonshire in 1994 and played for its Second XI but returned to Wiltshire in 1995. In the same year, he joined Gloucestershire County Cricket Club/Gloucestershire and made his first-class cricket/first-class debut. He was appointed Gloucestershire captain in 2006. He has played for the English cricket team in Twenty20, One Day International and Test cricket/Test matches.

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Employees are anxious and concerned about losing their jobs and benefits and lowering wages.

I can tell how he's feeling, and he can finish my sentences.

Our writing process is different. We storyboard it first. We're so visual, and we didn't want to lose that. We want our books to be very cinematic. We want to create awe-inspiring sequences.

Ego isn't a part of it. Our trust in each other is huge.

Liam's not been a revelation to anyone round here because we've been watching him get better and better over the last couple of years. But I think he's surprised a few around the rest of the country with how good and mature he is.