Hannah took the a restart form 30 yards out and Hilary ran into the box and finished it.

The legacy of the music is undeniable, and when something like this is unearthed it gets attention, especially when the artists are no longer with us. When you think you've exhausted their entire output and something new comes out, it's a real treat. People of our generation who weren't around when this stuff was going on feel like we can participate in it when new stuff is unearthed.

She beat two defenders within the box and it was just a good individual effort.

She came out of nowhere to clear the ball. It's our first win in seven games, so it feels pretty good. We are building. It's the first time we've played 80 minutes of soccer.

We had a lot of girls out, but we played very well. We dominated much of the match, we just couldn't create the quality chances we needed to finish the game.