He's moving very well.

He's just a tremendous competitor and we're so happy with him. He just helps us be a better basketball team.

We don't fabricate anything. We only document what they give us.

There's nothing that took place that suggested to me that I'm not capable of coaching in this league. Sometimes you get good opportunities, sometimes opportunities don't work out. This is what I do, I coach, and I'd like to do it again.

The other thing you get with Grant Hill is the leadership, the professionalism and the good, strong positive character. He brings that element into the locker room and into your team as well. He's just doing really well and it looks to me that this time he'll be able to sustain it the entire season.

We're better than we were last season. The evidence is there.

They didn't show us any proof. They kept telling us they did this or that, and we told them that's not good enough. We can't just go on your word.

He doesn't concede anything.