While inflation remains broadly contained in oil-exporting countries with pegged exchange rates, more flexible exchange rates would allow better control over domestic monetary conditions and promote efficient external adjustment.

It's the baby boomers who truly created this movement, ... As they take over decision-making roles at HMOs, the likelihood that they or their family members have actually used these services and benefited from them is pretty good.

An employer views health decisions in terms of global costs, whereas an HMO is more likely just to look at medical costs.

If you ask, 'Is my insurer or HMO likely to pay for the alternative service that I use for the condition for which I use it?' The answer is likely to be 'no,'.

If you place yourself in 1989 and look at what's going on now, it's truly an awesome shift, ... What was then considered quackery or fraud... is now being viewed as a normal part of doing business among insurers and others in the delivery side of medicine.