John Washington
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"John Washington" (1633–1677) was an English people/English Virginia Plantations in the American South/planter and politician. He was the immigrant ancestor and great-grandfather of George Washington, President of the United States/first president of the United States of America.

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Maybe St. Paul, they have some of the same problems we do. If nobody takes us, we will be independents.

The floor plan has expanded about 30 feet.

We wrapped them and all, but due to the heat, well, I don't know. We just left a lot of dead people, I figure 40 to 50.

Our hockey numbers are way down. If we had a team at Edison, we would have only six students. They would have to play the whole game and nobody could have gotten hurt or sick.

When they open that place, man.

I remember this doctor was always telling me, 'Don't feel too bad; two or three wouldn't have made it, anyway,'.

Washburn and Southwest are really hurting for numbers. They have 19 and 16 players this season according to the projections.

Maybe somebody will have a fantastic idea.

[? Quote:] We had a really good idea that he would be a good football player, ... We didn't want to put huge expectations on him, but he does a lot of things well.