I think that speaks volumes about South Carolina and what South Carolina is doing to lead the way again, but for a much better purpose than it did 140 years ago.

You get those from the Northern perspective and those from the Southern perspective and I don't think we get more of one than the other.

He told us where to go, who to try to find and where not to go. We were very blessed to have him.

We stayed with the prison bus, and once we were in New Orleans, we never saw any cops.

What we interpret here has a major impact on the American life we have today. We have the Constitution and Charles Pinckney, we have the Revolutionary War and Fort Moultrie and we have the Civil War here at Fort Sumter.

We were the only boat there. When we got shot at, we turned around and went to another area.

They were very nice to us. Most of them just wanted water. One lady, Ms. Perkins, got in the boat with her purse, and she wouldn't get out. She was so happy.

At the first, a deputy was turning all the boats around, saying it was too dangerous. They were all turning around, so I went right instead of left.

I would say it's taking things we find in our everyday life and mixing these things to get structures. He's trying to get us to see those things in a different light. It's definitely different.