When a new plant opens, it could be doing bad things for years before the people find out about it.

I know we may consider it, but why should we consider it? What's the public interest?

If there were a problem with that, we'd wreck the golden goose of e-commerce.

When you find a body you can't help thinking about what this person had to go through before they died. It's tough to put it in words, ... But we were determined to answer all of the calls ....After everything we went through with 9/11, I think all of us in New Jersey understand how important it is to respond to these calls.

We are facing what I consider to be the best side in the League at the moment. Most people expect little from us in this tie so we will give it our best shot and see what happens.

This text amendment to our zoning code is a welcome and needed provision. It allows for the local elected officials to not have their hands tied in making decisions for future development requests.

The team said he was OK; he said he was all right. Obviously he wasn't. Take care of him this time so he can come back healthy next year.

We are moving on, but we will never forget what happened.

This was a missing service in our continuum.