The most important thing we wanted was for her to be healthy instead of in top shape, ... She could build herself into shape as the year went on, but she needed her health first.

I thought we'd have a chance to win this if we stayed within about 25 points [after the first day]. When we were only down eight, it set the tone. The kids knew they could win it.

She was confident she was going to have success and she did. One thing we knew - we don't exactly know how much it is going to hurt - there is going to be some amount of pain in the mile and the two-mile. You've got to accept it. It's not exactly the outcome we were looking for, but still it's two all-state performances in one day.

We were definitely fortunate to have the distance kids run well today, but we really got great efforts from just about everyone.

I'm going to have to start charging you guys!

She got out there and ran smart, ... It's still early in the season, but she looked very good.