What if it was a stranded motorist getting shot in the chest?

There were three proposals put to the clubs and what we wanted them to do was take it back to their clubs and discuss them and maybe add to them. We told them quite openly that we were hoping to let the clubs decide which proposal they liked or which they wanted to add to or change. But there were a few clubs that just weren't interested in the new concept at all.

If three fully uniformed police officers show up at your door and knock, I guess I don't know what else you're supposed to do.

When 9/11 struck, I had a change of heart. I knew the story had to be told because what happened at 9/11 is a direct result of what the economic hit men are doing, and the only way that we're going to feel secure about ourselves again and that we're going to feel good about ourselves is if we use these systems we've put into place to create positive change around the world.

I think something will go ahead. I just don't know what it'll be. We wanted to take the proposal that we thought was best, or one that we added to, or one we made up and then start doing draws and the like. But we can't do a draw until we know what the concept is. So it's all in limbo again.

It will go back to the Country board now to sort out.

It didn't go very well.

I would love it if they came in while we're playing our show at the Harp [a bar near North Station]. But the chances of that happening are very unlikely.

They're in business to sell drugs, and I don't think we need that, ... I'm going to fight like hell against it.