We're making a credible posture and a presence. There's no shortage of volunteers -- it's amazing, the volunteer spirit of our people.

I told them thanks for what they'd done. Without so many players from last year's squad, they did very well. They played as a team, not individuals.

There had been a physical altercation between one lady and another bar patron, all over the use of a stall or something that happened in the bathroom. According to the report, there was quote, unquote some sort of sexual activity going on in the stall.

We considered other possibilities. But we had to consider cost, renovation and space.

Our opening has kinda been all though the week. We're trying to get it festive.

All of the evidence in my opinion provides extremely strong support for an assertion that Mr. Coleman was in fact the source of the DNA.

At an early age, you could see he's a dominating kid. He had tremendous physical skills.

He's a really confident kid. He's never shied away from competition. There's no doubt he believes in himself. I think he's very thankful that they're giving him this opportunity, but he went out and did it. He knew he could do it.

We had fun training all these people. Ninety-five percent were hired from this area. They've done a lot of hard work.