"John Neff" (born 1931) is one of the best known mutual fund investors of the past 40 years, notable for his contrarian and value investing styles as well as heading The Vanguard Group/Vanguard's Windsor Fund. Windsor was the best performing mutual fund during his tenure and became the largest fund closing to new investors in the 1980s. Neff retired from Vanguard in 1995. During Neff's 31 years, from 1964 to 1995, Windsor returned 13.7% annually versus 10.6% for the S&P 500.

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[The baskets start at $25 and] the sky's the limit, ... I've done baskets worth hundreds of dollars. At that price, they are putting in luxury items.

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For the expectations to be correct, you have to believe that the p/e multiple would have to go to never-before-reached heights or there is significant earnings to the upside of the estimates. Both expectations are problematic.

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