We agreed to do a variety if things in the community, ... in addition to the tens of millions of dollars that had been allocated to contracts for local vendors in the development of the new ballpark.

This is an opportunity for citizens to amplify their voices. Sometimes it's easy to go along with what government officials say without scrutiny. Questioning your government officials can make a difference.

We were in a hurry.

We believe that when someone is wrongfully incarcerated, the press can help draw public attention to it so it can at least be re-examined again.

If there is a Fourth Estate function, if the press is supposed to be an advocate watching out for the public interest, then cases like these merit the attention.

We're happy that the vote was to approve.

Issues of this type are really between the general partners, ... Our office will get involved only if there is a request for a transfer of power.

An intimacy that can't be reproduced.

I'm really proud that students learned that their voices can matter in a democracy. It's most important to help students empower themselves.