We're as optimistic as we've ever been about the long-term future of the company. The company is executing well. The market fundamentals are very, very good, and we see nothing but blue skies ahead in the Internet business.

We've had a number of successive quarters of good revenue growth, basically reflecting fundamental strengths in the market. The Internet is exploding. All of these Internet companies need to make money. They buy our software to do so.

I resigned as a coach walking across the field so I can say the refereeing performance by (Alan) Kelly was the best display all year but if the refereeing had been consistent all year like it was tonight then it would have been a much better competition.

The financial incentive makes it possible for physicians to invest in themselves and in their practices so that they can deliver even better care to their patients. We want to encourage these types of efforts by physicians to improve the care processes for patients with chronic diseases----leading to better clinical outcomes and, ultimately, lower costs.

When the crowd is against you, you've got to be a little more focused. It brings our team together a little bit more. You all have to be on the same page.

Benny (Jacobson), Erik (Crawford) and I knew early on exactly how hard it was to win on the road. Because of that, I think we bring that toughness to let everyone else know that it's not going to be easy.

We had to pick him up, we needed to pressure him. I just wanted to go out there and wear him out. I was going to try to be wherever he was at, and make everything as tough as possible.

That is what coaching is all about. It is not all about winning premierships, it is about developing these players and moving them on to better places where their abilities can be progressed by professionals.