It's a matter of someone doing the legwork to contact those churches and have them put it in every Sunday bulletin, ... And these are economically feasible ways to advertise. The NAACP branches aren't going to charge the school districts. The churches are going to be ecstatic the districts contacted them.

I couldn't wait to get up there and say his name.

We must be the conscience of our nation. We've got to help somebody. That's what Dr. King would want us to do.

If she gets a tardy because of it, I'm going to be very upset. Somebody has to stand up for these kids.

It's no longer in our faces. The lynching is still being done, it's just being done covertly.

I'm going to talk about overt versus covert. We won those battles.

I hate this a lot because I'm a native of Raleigh and I grew up watching the Glaxo tournament come through its infancy. But we do have Charlotte kids on our roster and they would prefer to play in Charlotte, and it's about the kids.

I think it does. At that point, you can concentrate on your studies and your season and not have to worry about impressing whatever coach is in the gym watching you.

These days, acts of racism are furtive. And, all too often, they happen in our own back yard.