Clearly our community is feeling the impact of the decreased size of the police force. When you call and the police have to come, it can take 45 minutes. It's not their fault; they're not properly staffed. I think the police are outstanding in the way they respond to critical situations, but they can't respond to normal crimes.

They're sticking their heads in the sand.

I was there, but to see it on the show is much more intense. It's just ... it's intense.

Tribute is a great thing that helps us remind us of our past.

You know that about 2,300 we've lost in Iraq so far, we would lose that many in one battle, one day.

The next stage in the evolution of the Federal Enterprise Architecture is realization -? actually building it.

This is a place for everyone of any age, race or religion.

If this doesn't move you, I don't know what would.

It's not fair to the rest of us when you don't go to work and you get paid.