I am excited to bring someone of Brian's personal and professional caliber to this new position. His commitment to this organization, to this sport, and to this community is special. As our Director of Soccer Development, Brian's responsibilities range from coaching and scouting, to competitive analysis, to serving as our bridge between the team and the front office.

Competitive for 90 minutes.

We were just going to take it to them from the start, and why not, why sit back and play defensive. We just seemed to be playing better with three forwards.

We're not playing poorly. Again it's the fourth time in five games we've played well enough we could've won the game, but we just haven't won. We just have to find ways to win games, what's been going on most of the year is we're finding ways to lose games.

They were bummed that the playoffs kind of ended, but they are professionals and they know we've got to get better next year.

It was so demoralizing. It's that way in any sport; you give up a goal right before halftime, and it demoralizes.

We use the reserve games for a reason.

Today was the first day of next season. That's how we want to look at it. We don't want to be on the outside looking in at this time next year.

We want to get that road win thing off our backs before the end of the season, but we also want to win the last five games. Then, in their minds, we start the season 5-0, and that's a good thing.