We tied it early in the third, then they hit two 3-pointers in a row. Mock was just unconscious tonight. He's a great shooter.

We just talked about keeping our composure. You knew they were going to make some big shots, make a run. When they did, we had to keep our composure.

Global Crossing has always been a great business partner to us. They've helped us understand how converging voice and data would help meet our company's growth objectives while saving us money -- and indeed, our response times have improved, reliability has beaten expectations and costs have come down. We look forward to continuing a rewarding relationship with Global Crossing.

Here she was, this elite athlete that knew she had some potential, and she came to this school that didn't even have an athletic program when she committed to come here. She took quite a leap of faith.

Early in the game, they were dead set on not letting us get the ball inside.

She has learned to play in the flow of a good team, rather than being a star that had to carry a team.

Meadow Heights is a really good 3-point-shooting team. We just got lucky tonight that they didn't shoot as well as they could've.