We can force them to cover the entire city, instead of cherry-picking the good parts. They often don't want to go into low-income areas.

I think it has merit and I'm not locked into it, but until somebody shows me something better, I like it.

I'm really disappointed. I like the idea of voting for the person, not the party.

The museum is truly an economic driver. I like the idea of having bigger and better shows there. But you've got to balance that against the value of a waterfront park system. I'm not for losing an inch of parkland.

We have traditionally had inspectors who really know a lot about the business. They seem to be getting the job done. And while we've seen some improvement in permits, we're still a long way from where we should be.

Maybe near the banyan trees. Somewhere downtown. We don't really have anything for the kids to do down there.

I'm not going to pass a grand plan without the money to pay for it.

If they want to do this, that's fine. But I don't think it's catastrophic that it hasn't been there the whole time.

It probably would be double that.