He's still under contract and he's still on our roster, so obviously there's a chance he might play. As was the case earlier this summer, this gives both sides more time to analyze the situation and weigh our options.

The problem is they just kind of become invisible.

Some of the bravest guys in combat situations, are also the most fragile when they get back out, ... Many of them get trapped in drugs or alcohol ... they end up homeless, on the street, losing jobs. They just need a wide range of help, a place to stay clean and dry sometimes, and they deserve it. They've done a lot for this country.

They are guys who have put their life on the lines for us, in very dangerous situations, came back home, for some reason or another just got really screwed up and they need a hand.

It doesn't surprise me a bit because I have had trouble booking flights.

Our understanding is that Kobe might not play because of the knee injury, ... We think he probably will. That decision will be made tomorrow based on how Kobe is feeling and how his knee feels prior to the game.

It's been hot for the last couple years, but this year it's even better than ever.

We never heard from them. They never responded to the letter.