It's been a firestorm of activity.

There are people who were inspired by Clara. She's an amazing woman. It's absolutely fantastic what's happened to her.

We know what sports has meant in our lives. We want to create a healthy, safe world and give these children an opportunity to lead a better life. There's too many evil forces out there trying to recruit them into negative activities.

He said he would do something big. I was shocked. I had not expected it to be so dramatic and fantastic.

I've always admired Joey as a skater. But I admire him even more as a person.

To be that inspiration for people to do better in the world, I love that.

Winning medals is very important. But the Olympic Games is a combination. Becoming the best in the world at your sport doesn't mean you can't be compassionate and have good sportsmanship.

When Joey skates, the children win. Very few pay attention to the number of children living in conflict around the world, in Sudan and Sierra Leone. We know the power of sports and play. And we have to provide those opportunities to children who are suffering the most.

There have been some incredible results when you consider we are in the lowlands and this is brand-new ice. I think the competition has been really fantastic ... faster than I expected it to be.