Because of its strong security, easy deployment, and client lockdown capabilities, Odyssey Client has always been the 802.1X supplicant of choice for enterprises. Now, government agencies too can realize all the benefits of a wireless infrastructure without compromising the stringent security requirements they must adhere to.

They've bought homes, they're raising families, they have kids in college and they're pretty well stable within the state. Then all of the sudden - even though they know they have a commitment - they're yanked up and sent someplace. That's kind of tough.

Generally, with the keyboard, I turn it upside down and shake it a little to get all the dust out.

(Benson) is so important to our offense that we need two guys to replace him, ... I thought (Ramer and Finn) did pretty well, but they can get better.

It's too much risk for too little reward.

With the spread, if they put that many people at the line, it opens a lot of opportunities to get the ball in wide open space. Max did a great job running and passing the ball.

It was a huge win. We couldn't afford another loss one game away from our conference schedule. We have to keep getting better and keep picking up victories.

We were very competitive again tonight, the defense had two goal line stands and the offense put together some good drives. We need to be more aggressive on defense and hold our blocks a little longer on offense.