Listening back to the tapes to make this record, it was just one of those nights. Usually when you put out a live record, you kind of cull them from a series of shows -- you get the best performance of each song and hone it down. But with that one, we just kind of let it fly.

We went back to the beginning of the band's career for some of these songs. We had fun knocking the dust off them but it was a little nerve-racking too, because we hadn't played some of the songs in a while. I think we've only played 'No More No More' live a total of 20 times in our entire career. We were going on muscle memory for some of these, which gave our performance an edge.

I'm a fan first, and I don't believe good rock 'n' roll exists unless it's in partnership with the fans. By putting ramps up into the audience and keeping the stage low, it creates such an energy and an interaction with the crowd, it's a sum that's greater than the parts.

I think that after this game, it will make a difference the rest of the year.

There aren't a lot of great bands out there that can put on a great rock show, ... They didn't come up in that environment, in that era before MTV where you really had to be a good live band.

One of the best films made by Tim Burton.

I felt in good form before the match and my confidence was high but I just do not seem to play well at that venue. I have never played Jimmy before but I am looking forward to it.

There are a lot of other kinds of acts and other things people can spend their money on now.