It's not a matter of if they show up, ... It's that (the evacuees') needs are being met. People shouldn't get discouraged if they don't come. We need to keep praying that the evacuees are in a good place and can get what they need.

Our road map will detail how we will integrate this new member of the suite going forward.

Their offense was very, very good.

It means just be ready. We look at it as if they're going to be coming. The next couple of days, we should hear a yea or nay.

They're an excellent team. That's all there is to it.

There's a very wide variety of applications of this technology, anyplace where you want to combine services or combine transactions.

We're proud of our heritage in Ohio, the birthplace of Bank One. And we are proud to now move to a brand that has a long-standing place in our country's banking history.

They have to get the chain saws going. We'll clean the whole street up ourselves.