Joe Black
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"Joseph Black" was an United States/American right-handed pitcher in Negro league baseball/Negro League and Major League Baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers/Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds/Cincinnati Redlegs, and Minnesota Twins/Washington Senators who became the first black pitcher to win a 1952 World Series/World Series game, in 1952. Black died of prostate cancer at age 78.

A native of Plainfield, New Jersey/Plainfield, New Jersey, he starred at Plainfield High School (New Jersey)/Plainfield High School. Black attended on a baseball scholarship and graduated from Morgan State University in 1950 and later received an honorary doctorate from Shaw University. He was a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity. He appears prominently in Roger Kahn's classic book, The Boys of Summer (book)/The Boys of Summer.

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More kids will want to be taped, and we'll tape everything. We'll tape thumbs, we'll tape hands, wrists and ankles. So, we've got a little more preparation time (at those events).

They (Maryville High School) have playing and practice venues all across the city. For example, baseball will play at Maryville College soccer at John Sevier School, so we're really just all over. It becomes a real logistical nightmare for one person.

We've literally become a part of the staffs. For example, George Quarles, Maryville High's football coach, literally treats me as much a part of his staff as anyone else.

It is a wonderful thing to see, the values that these kids are learning. There is a great story with just about every one of them, and the big thing is that because of First Tee there are a lot more good citizens coming out.