Joe Biden
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"Joseph Robinette" ""Joe"" "Biden, Jr. " is the List of Vice Presidents of the United States/47th and current Vice President of the United States, jointly elected with President of the United States/President Barack Obama. He is a member of the Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic Party and was a United States Senate/United States Senator from Delaware from January 3, 1973, until his resignation on January 15, 2009, following his United States presidential election, 2008/election to the Vice Presidency. In 2012, Biden was United States presidential election, 2012/elected to a second term alongside Obama.

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We have repeatedly missed the deadlines for increasing power [and] oil production, ... As temperatures approach 120 degrees in the third summer since Saddam's statue came down, Iraqis still have only about eight hours a day of electricity and almost half do not have regular access to clean water.

You are one of the best witnesses, I think, that has come before this committee. You've convinced folks who share Senator Brownback's view that you're going to be just right for them and you've convinced folks that share Senator Kennedy's view that you're just right for them.

By the end of '06 we're going to have a pretty clear picture of whether or not it's succeeding or failing, ... And success will be dependent upon a government that's representative and a capacity to govern in terms of security.

I think it gives suits and not the turbans -- the way it's referred to in the Shiite sector -- an opportunity to make their case that they have to, in fact, bring in specifically Sunnis into the Cabinet, ... Fox News Sunday.

The Middle East is hopeful. There's hope there.

We are willing to vote 10 minutes after we get back in session if in fact they provide the information -- information that Mr. Bolton's staff had access to that they will not give to the majority leader of the United States Senate.

One thing is clear: These weapons must be must be dislodged from Saddam, or Saddam must be dislodged from power.

If it succeeds, the political process, I predict you'll see a drawdown of American forces by this time next year.