"Joe Bastardi" is a professional meteorologist and weather forecaster known for his opinions on weather and climate change. He is a frequent guest on TV news shows.

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The Northeast is staring down the barrel of a gun.

When I study the tracks of past hurricanes and study what we're looking at now, one can only say that it's by the grace of God that the Northeast hasn't gotten slammed yet.

The Texas coast is in for a long period of tropical activity.

You had a bunch of people (in the storm's path) say, 'OK, it's starting to weaken. Don't worry about it,' .

What could happen here is eventually this gets out of the water and turns northwards toward the Maritime provinces, in which case it would not be a very merry time up there.

The most action will be from August 15 to October 15 along the Eastern Seaboard. I'm targeting the Carolinas for the worst. Also, there will be (landfalls) in New England and the Florida coast.