That's the good thing about our team. A couple of guys have an off-night --which is very rare for Spencer and Dustin --and then we have other guys step in.

We don't think about it too much. We prepare hard every week.

It feels good to be able to contribute on a senior-dominated team. I just got some openings and made some shots.

I can't say enough about the guys we've got on this team. It's not just the guys that play, it's everyone that contributes every day. It's been a real fun ride.

I think the emotions of the game got to me at first and I was too strong. But after that, I settled down and got into the game.

Every guy on the floor can score. Everyone can shoot. We can all take it to the basket.

They don't have nights like that often. But when they do, someone has to step up. I don't think Spencer was feeling well, so he didn't have his best game. So I was just happy to be able to knock down some shots and contribute.