You know where you stand with him. Nothing is candy-coated.

The good news is that this is not a recall, products are not being removed from hospital shelves, and no one has died.

In our opinion this news is not new and should not slow down the merger with Guidant.

Interestingly, (Boston Scientific) only raised its bid by $1, signaling that price is but one factor in the negotiation - but includes timeliness of closure.

I think J&J has a claim. I don't think they are going to have to pay Guidant.

There's a phrase: to strike while the iron is hot. The iron is hot.

At this stage in the negotiation process, we believe decisions are being made not only on dollars and cents, but also ego, strategy and a broader view of the competitive landscape.

They're certainly making it harder for J&J to come back. Strategically we believe Boston Scientific with Guidant is a better match.

They are playing chicken, and right now it appears that J.& J. has the upper hand.

He's earned the award. The company has done well, the stock has done well. They've delivered clean quarters since he's come aboard. He's had an opportunity to stretch a bit, and make his mark.

They are playing chicken, and right now it appears that J&J has the upper hand.