I think it's real important against an aggressive team like FAMU to come out and get as many runs as you can. FAMU doesn't have any quit in them. They came back and if we didn't have a five-run lead, it might have been a different outcome.

She had a rocky first game. But Tiffany has really responded.

We're real honest with parents. Sometimes we'll offer kids a partial scholarship and the parent will say, 'I've got to have a full.' That's fine, that's just being honest. But if we don't have a full we can't do it.

She has gotten used to Division I pitching. She has been really selective at the plate.

We wanted to get some pitchers some work and FAMU really took advantage when we made some mistakes with our pitching and got back in the game.

It's obviously a great opportunity for us to build our program. One day we want FSU to be where Michigan is.

I think it's kind of expected with our lack of experienced pitchers. It's not really a surprise to me. But I think it's kind of nice because it gives us opportunities to move up. Where you are at the beginning of the season doesn't really matter - it's where you are at the end.

We knew it was just a matter of time.

The other two (pitchers) will come around because we can't ride one pitcher the whole season. They have to step up, and they're capable of doing that.