He made a tremendous pass, right between two guys. It was on my backhand, so I had to pull it back. I got it off as quick as I could ... It was a great screen (in front of the net) ... It was a lucky shot.

I don't foresee myself coming back in the next couple of weeks. But this is what I know, what I've worked for my whole life. I don't want it to be taken away.

Life without hockey, I hope I don't have to face it for some time.

If any athlete goes through this, everybody (doctors) is trying to be as cautious as possible to keep it from reoccurring. I'm 25. I might not play tomorrow. In time to come, I think there will be a better solution.

We kept hearing about teams from the East or Calgary or Nashville would be the teams to beat.

I'm really, really glad to be here. Not too many people get a second chance like I did.

I wasn't scared about the abnormality. But I was scared about not playing hockey again. That was a shock for me.

There are penalties all game long. It's a lot faster game, if that's what the league wanted to do.

This is what I know, this is what I work for my whole life. I don't want it to be taken away.