They're the best team in our district, no doubt. They've got a bunch of shooters and when you've got shooters, you can do things.

I told them after the game that I wasn't really mad at them, because we played really hard. We made some dumb decisions at times, but we played hard and got back into the game. The attitudes were good on the floor, because we have had some attitude problems. But we got out and hustled, and fought and fought and fought. And we had a chance to get back into the game.

They did a pretty good of getting the message that we needed better play. They did an excellent job out there of running the ball club.

We set up to throw long if it was wide open and it was wide open. We just made a bad throw, but you can't blame the kids because that what we told them to do.

I'm ready to get things going, get in the groove and start working, ... I've been working hard the last two years at Columbia State and really want to play well here, and make something of myself.

They were huge. Both of those were a big lift.

You're going to lose games, but it's how you respond. I thought the kids did an excellent job. Our defense was the key to us getting some easy baskets early.

We didn't make shots. We can stay in games and play really hard, but if you don't make shots, what can you do?

This is great for our confidence. We know that we can play with anybody. Columbia's got a good team. I don't care what anybody says.