Jimmy Spencer
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"Jimmy Spencer" is a current television commentator, and a former NASCAR driver. He formerly hosted the NASCAR inspired talk show, “What’s the Deal?”, on Speed (TV channel)/SPEED. He is the former co-host, with John Roberts (SPEED Channel host)/John Roberts and Kenny Wallace, of the SPEED's pre-race and post-race NASCAR shows NASCAR RaceDay and NASCAR Victory Lane. Spencer now has a segment on SPEED's NASCAR Race Hub offering commentary and answering viewer questions (Tuesdays & Thursdays). During his days racing Modified racing/modifieds, he was nicknamed "Mr. Excitement" for his aggressive racing style. Spencer is one of the few drivers to have won a race in all three of NASCAR's top series: Sprint Cup Series/Sprint Cup, the Nationwide Series, and the Camping World Truck Series.

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I drove up on the inside of him all day long.

Bodine said. ''If he can't pass you, he runs into you. It's that simple.

Hey, I'm going for the position and it's the last lap. I felt that I was under him and he turned down into me.

OK, the 38 says whenever you're ready, pull up and he'll take a look... he says it's all good... good to go.

I wouldn't hesitate if someone goes down to throw him in there because I know what he's going to give me. I realize he's going to make mistakes, but if he does, they'll be at full speed. He's doing the same things we saw on film in college.

I didn't give, ... Yeah I could have, but hey man it's the last lap. Sometimes earlier in the race you'd roll out of the gas and step on the brake and let him have the lane, but I had the lane and he wanted it and not on the last lap.

I'm protective of ballads, ... I stay as close to the original as I can. I like to phrase it and tell a story. I want to hear the pretty chord changes.

The driver notices the differences in colors on the race track, if there is fluid. Is the track dry? A driver definitely has the instincts. They rely on Brett. They can call down and say, 'Is the track ready?' And if the driver says no, they can trust that.

It's the last lap. Sometimes earlier in the race you roll out of the gas and step on the brake and let him have the lane. But I had the lane and he wanted it. And not on the last lap.