"Jimmy Ray" is an English people/English pop music/pop-rock and roll/rock musician. In press interviews and promotional materials he cited his influence by the music of Elvis Presley and other rock and roll stars such as Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and Tommy Steele. His manager was Simon Fuller, who also managed The Spice Girls and produced the hit show American Idol.

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If we had not had that group of people with the vision to put this thing together and we tried to do it today, I think it would be damn near impossible.

This is not a court system, not a sheriff's system.

I've been Pastor here eight years and this is our first incidence of any kind of trouble or vandalism and we're just heartbroken because of it.

That transmission immediately changes the flag on the record, and the [district attorney] can see that the case is now available to him via a rolling record on his terminal. So the police officer is sending that information to the same file that the DA is looking at, but until that sent flag is in place, the DA can't see the data.

This is not a court system, not a sheriff's system. This is a single criminal system, where all the pieces work together. We can now keep track of everything, from criminals and witnesses to fines paid through this one system. It's a fantastic tool for us, and it's only going to get better.