This is a classic 'chicken and egg' problem that needs some government intervention and up-front investment to achieve a breakthrough.

It is not unusual that by completion of this program the pilot project will have already returned an ROI significantly exceeding the cost of the program.

Our research shows that some basic changes in regulations could make a significant difference.

The portability of USB devices makes it easy to accidentally infect an enterprise network with contagions carried in from a home computer. The most effective method of preventing other computers on the network from being infected is by detecting and blocking at the packet level with an inline network intrusion prevention system (IPS) like Reflex Security's.

Fat is the new tobacco.

The thing we say we've seen the most is he was there for people who needed him.

Illinois has a long history of providing one of the most generous education benefit programs for veterans in the nation.

We talked to them about it, and it has no bearing on our discussions regarding the East Hartford site.