The schedule is in the works now. We're planning to open on Saturday, April 8 with a free-to-the-public practice day the Saturday prior.

Here's a friend that's been taken from our interaction, so there's a void there. And on his part, there's a real longing and desire - you can almost hear it - to be closer to his son and a safe body at the church.

Back then, we had a cook who made lunch and dinner. Someone was in charge of making toast and coffee in the mornings. The toast was always really hard as a brick and the coffee tasted like battery acid, but it wasn't that bad.

The new incentive program has made a big difference in the attitudes and effort that the students are putting forward. The ability to earn a day off is a great reward for students who are productive and practice good citizenship.

People wander all over. They can drop over a hill and, boom, they're right in a rifle range.

This is a lifeline for the little guy who's been struggling to compete against the big guns, and a helping hand for the Sportsman racer who's hoping to move up to Modified. This spec motor is certainly not the cure-all for the trend of escalating costs in the sport. But we think it will help. And the time to sit back and do nothing has certainly passed.

We might get a slight inversion, but I don't think it will mean a recession.