It could possibly be owned by P&O, so this does affect everybody.

Christmas is more than just the birth of Christ but prepares us for the reason he was born and made the ultimate sacrifice by dying on the cross.

Clement was leading the short list.

They are not good customers -- they are great customers.

He's a very humble person. When it comes to personal milestones, that's not what he's in it for. He's in it for the kids.

This company buys P&O. That doesn't mean that down the road, next month or two years from now, that this port right here is going to become a section of a P&O port.

Root pruning. This is a lot quicker than digging a trench around each tree and just as effective in producing a root ball full of roots. We will leave these trees in their holes for another year to allow the roots to grow, then harvest them for sale.

This company has not been a friend to the United States and I think this will affect our national security in this country.

We'd dive to 200-foot depths without wetsuits.