Jim Horner
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"James Patrick Horner" is an United States/American professional baseball Manager (baseball)/manager and a former minor league baseball/minor league baseball player. As of , Horner is the manager of the Seattle Mariners/Seattle Mariners' Double-A (baseball)/Double-A affiliate, the Jackson Generals of the Southern League (baseball)/Southern League. He was previously the pilot of the Class A (baseball)/Class A Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (2006–2007) and High Desert Mavericks (2008–2010; 2013), also Seattle affiliates.

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This one, we all got out. That's a gift from God.

Hopefully, Snyder will take on that leadership role and people will follow him because he's a good ballplayer. He knows how to play the game.

It took like three seconds until it was upside down. The helicopter went down so fast.

Most of it was to the man upstairs. Had it been on land, no one would have survived.

You still thank God they were there.

It will be interesting. It's my first rodeo, and I told the (players) that, too. I'll have a lot of questions, but I'll get the support from the Mariners.

The campus is wonderful because it has many environments and scales of space that you can find a space for anything. And the statues are part of what gives the campus its stature. They enhance space.

I'll see the cards that are dealt and play with the cards I've got. I'll preach staying mentally in the game for all nine innings. That's what I work for.

The statues add a sense of culture and something beyond just what students are studying. The sculptures take you somewhere else and some of them can be provocative.