It was not one of our better performances all the way around. I don't think we played to our potential. We had the chance to put this game away and we didn't.

I was really, really proud of the team. There was sort of a turn-around from the Central Michigan game to the Northwestern game within 24 hours. They came out, played hard, played well. They were doing the things we were asking them to do. They played good hockey.

JMU is a big in-state rivalry, and we're looking forward to getting back at it and getting on the right side of the win column.

We didn't finish quite as well as we needed to, and we had some unfortunate things that were out of our control. But I was really pleased with the performance, and I was frustrated that we didn't come out on the right side of the scoreboard.

I'm proud of Amy and the job that she did while Kat was away. I'm proud of the team and the results that we got while they were away, but there's no question that we are better with them than without.