"Jennifer West" is an American artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. She is known for her digitized films that are made by hand manipulating film celluloid. She has produced over 70 films since she started working this way in 2004. Wendy Vogel writes for Artforum.com, "Like her experimental predecessors, West forgoes narrative cohesion in favor of creating jumpy cuts and abstract visual collages––splicing, rolling, and drenching the celluloid using materials from Mylar tape to pickle juice, whiskey to candle smoke." Christopher Bedford wrote in Artforum on her work, "sexy, whimsical, painting-scale DVD projections walk that elusive line between pictorial modes with deftness, wit, and airy originality." Joanna Kleinberg wrote on her work in Frieze "the intermingling of materiality, feeling and identity creates a wild blend of synaesthetic experience wherein the substances of life literally and figuratively colour the film."

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We lost our last game in a shootout, so it was nice to be on the other side this time. I've heard a lot about Forest over the years and everything I heard was true. They have a great team and it was a privilege to play them.

Throughout Texas there's been some concern about retaining great scientists. I just think we're always at risk of losing people to the coasts.

In this town, we always have something just for adults or just for the kids. But this is for the whole family to enjoy and spend the day.