I'm almost afraid to total it up. We are spending a pile on gasoline. It's ridiculous.

We haven't really sat down and come up with a plan, but we have thought about renting an apartment in Great Falls. And we've talked about looking at a hybrid car. I've commuted for 25 years, but gas was never up over $2 a gallon until now.

What appealed most was that they will fit really well on our campus.

I want people to realize that at our core, our ritual stuff may be different, but on this campus we all regard scholarship, community service, philanthropy, brotherhood and rectitude as important values. The thing I want people to realize is that Lambda Chi and Pike are different organizations now, they are good organizations.

We don't see anyone more qualified. We think she wants to run, but she'll have to be drafted.

We want to develop this facility, to bring some life back into it. Right now, we're new in the area. As we get to know more people, we'll get more of an idea what we're going to do. The Kings were good people and they were good business people. They've made this transition a lot easier.

What's unfortunate is that I know a lot of good guys who were in those organizations that don't know what's going on. A few bad apples did bad things, and a lot of good people had to suffer for it.