Jeff Jarvis
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"Jeff Jarvis" is an American journalist, professor, Public Speaking/public speaker and former Television criticism/television critic. He advocates the Open Web and argues that there are many social and personal benefits to living a more public life on the internet.

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The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.

He's the trumpet player's trumpet player.

I think the best of it is that journalism knows it has not done its best. That is new.

The business strategy is if we can get a critical mass of very local content and a local audience, then we can target ads better than we ever could down to a town level.

Gossip stopped being mere gossip and became an industry.

The audience isn't an idiot. The audience can figure out that the mayor didn't have an actual count. They reported what officials said, with no basis in fact to question that in any way. Are they not supposed to report it?

That's why, when most people are slowing down, at a certain age, he's coming on strong.

Now that the actual number appears to be lower, that doesn't make this any less of a tragedy or any less of a horrendous failing of our government. Now it's a tragic revision. So it's not as bad as we thought, so it's OK? Of course it's not.

What made the voice of the people somehow less important than the paid professional journalist?

We love working with him.